Welcome to Blue Heeler Arts!

Would you rather use a marketing & design firm that truly knows your business?  Blue Heeler Arts combines more than 20 years of healthcare technology start up expertise with an equivalent amount of marketing & design talent. We know your target market inside and out which means we know how to design strategies, messages, and collateral which result in revenue growth for your business.

Full Service Design

We provide a comprehensive set of design services, all done in-house (why pay an extra premium just to have us farm the work out to a third party?). Our scope of services includes logo/corporate ID design, web design & development, PowerPoint/Keynote template design, full range of print collateral, illustration, animation, and probably anything else you can think of to support communicating your value prop to your audience. And, given our market expertise, we are also able to develop the content for most electronic and print materials, saving you the time of having to write the copy your designer usually needs.

Marketing Services

Once you have some pretty things to share, it’s critical to have a solid marketing strategy to get them out in front of your target audience. Our marketing services include everything from overall marketing plans to development and execution of targeted campaigns, events, promotions/advertising (including social media), content strategy, white papers, and webinars/seminars.



Advisory Services

As a new venture, you want to know everything you can about your target market. And, you want them to be 100% confident in you and your products or services. We provide a range of advisory services to supplement a strong identity and marketing program. Our advisory offerings include: product/service strategy sessions, Epic-specific market education and/or product and service guidance, healthcare market sales strategy development, and for select clients, direct sales support.



We believe there’s an art to breaking into the healthcare market as a new technology venture. It’s a highly competitive space, so you need a range of creative (and we’d argue, disruptive) methods to get your brand established and sales pipeline moving.


We know healthcare, period. With over 23 years of experience, including care delivery, consulting, and numerous healthcare-related start ups, we feel it’s fair to call ourselves experts in the provider market vertical. This expertise sets us apart from other full service design & marketing firms.


We offer a unique sliding-scale fee structure, with highly competitive rates based upon your company’s stage of growth. This allows us to make a full-service firm accessible for self-funded ventures, while still remaining below market rates for those who have received a round (or more) of venture capital.

Business Growth

We know the only reason to hire a firm like ours is to grow one’s business. Why else spend time thinking about logo colors, blog content, trade show booth carpeting options, etc.? Our unique combination of experience, skills and services all serve to drive growth towards your near and long-term goals.


Our healthcare market expertise is particularly strong in the Epic software space. BHA’s founder worked for the company 20 years ago and has served in leadership roles for over 30 enterprise Epic implementation projects. We are deeply familiar with this vendor’s products, implementation & support approaches, underlying technologies, and all the intangibles that make the Epic “culture” rather unique.

One Stop Shop

We like to think of ourselves as a “start up toolkit in a box” (with a handsome heeler as the toy surprise inside). We are able to provide all your design, marketing, and business development/sales strategy needs.